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General Terms and Conditions

Tavex reserves the right to cancel orders due to depleted stock or inability to receive and deliver goods/products. Any payment transferred to Tavex for products Tavex is not able to deliver will be returned to customer’s indicated account immediately, but not later than within 5 banking days after the customer has been notified about the cancellation of the order.

By ordering and purchasing goods in Tavex’s online store at, the following terms and conditions shall apply:

  1. Placing an order with Tavex
  2. Sale of investment gold and investment silver to Tavex
  3. Payment
  4. Shipment of orders
  5. Delivery of goods and currencies ordered
  6. Cancelling an order
  7. Withdrawal of an order
  8. Warranties
  9. Prices
  10. Customer Information

1. Placing an Order with Tavex

1.1 An order placed with is considered an intention to purchase the specified item at the given price.

1.2 After placing an order an offer will be automatically be sent to the customer’s e-mail. The order becomes binding for the parties after timely initiation of payment.

1.3 The offer included in the purchase order is accepted upon the initiation of payment and receipt of the payment by Tavex.

1.4 Details of the ordered products can be found at the webpage of Tavex.

2. Sale of Investment Gold and Silver to Tavex

2.1 Tavex does not accept nor pays out cash for investment gold or silver products.

2.2 All payments shall be made in Hungarian Forints unless otherwise explicitly agreed with customer. Payments from Tavex can be subject to additional fees.

2.3 Tavex’ buy prices only apply to private customer and deals which are not unusually large (max. HUF 50,000,000). Businesses customers and deals which are unusually large shall be agreed upon separately with Tavex.

2.4 When selling investment gold and silver to Tavex, the type of transaction and the applicable currency shall be indicated on the offer issued to the customer. All costs and transfer fees applicable shall be included on the offer document at the finalisation of the transaction.

2.5 Offers received by the customer via Tavex’s website or directly from a Tavex employee must be accepted within the deadline in the offer or no later than 4 hours after receipt of offer in the form of mail or other written form. The acceptance of an offer shall constitute a sale and purchase agreement binding to the parties. Initiation of a payment for an offer issued by Tavex constitutes an accept of the customer. If an offer is not accepted within the above-mentioned deadline then the offer shall automatically be void.

2.6 In the event where the gold and silver sold to Tavex are damaged during transportation (e.g. damaged packaging, scratched surface of coins or bars etc.), Tavex is not entitled to offer a purchase price of a specific product, but shall apply scrap gold or silver price of a specific product depending of the purity of the product.

2.7 Tavex has the right to apply destruction tests or non-destructive examination methods to verify the purity of a product or authenticity of a product sold to Tavex. The destruction test shall be used only if the customer has consented to this type of test. Tavex shall have the right to decline to issue an offer to the customer in case the gold or silver content or the authenticity of the product cannot be determined. Tavex shall not be held liable for injuries stemming from the application of the destruction test.

2.8 The purchase price shall be paid by Tavex latest within 2 banking days after the acceptance of the offer by the customer.

3. Payment and Finalising an Order

3.1 The payment for the purchased gold and silver items in Tavex’s online shop can be paid only via electronic payment. Payment of the ordered gold and silver products shall be made in one amount and cannot be performed in instalments.

3.1.1 Payment via bank transfer

Payment of ordered goods must be transferred to Tavex no later than on the same day as the order is placed. If the transfer is not possible due to the bank or online banking hours, payment must be transferred no later than on the following business day.

Remember to write the offer number in the transfer details of your transfer.

If payment is not received by Tavex within the agreed deadline, the order will be annulled automatically. In case of annulling an order for such reason, Tavex shall not be held liable for any damage related thereto.

3.1.2 Card payments

Tavex accepts card payments in our webshop.

Please note that the customer may be required to present a copy of a personal ID and a copy of the front side of the bank card used to pay for the order to ensure that our customers have not been the victim of credit card fraud.

3.1.3 Cash

Cash payment is not possible.

3.1.4 Transfer of payment to a customers account:

Transfer of payment to the customers account in relation to sale of investment gold and investment silver, scrap gold and silver as well as currencies can be subject to transfer fee depending on the transfer type.

3.2. Tavex shall issue a VAT or VAT free invoice in Hungarian forints (HUF) dependant on whether the purchased products are subject to VAT or not. The invoice shall indicate separately each purchased product and its price, other services related to the purchase and its price (e.g. shipping and handling fee), the VAT amount of the product(s) subject to VAT (if applicable).

4. Shipment and Delivery

4.1 Upon receipt of payment of the full purchase price by Tavex’s, the purchased gold and/or silver products shall be shipped. An e-mail with a tracking number shall be sent to the customer once the products have been packed and ready to be shipped. Please note that Tavex does not send a separate confirmation that payment has been received.

4.2 Please note that a tracking number is sent via an external delivery service provider (e.g. DHL/UPS/Fedex) and a time delay may occur from the moment the tracking number is sent out by Tavex until the exact location of the parcel can be traced.

4.3 We strive to ship the ordered products latest the next banking day after receipt of payment. However Tavex shall not be held liable for delayed deliveries, if such delay occurs as a result of an event, fact or circumstance, which impedes or burdens the delivery significantly and upon which Tavex has no influence (e.g. natural catastrophes, malfunctions, explosions, restrictions in cargo transportation, etc.).

4.4 Should the ordered goods be out stock, Tavex will contact the customer and offer replacement products.

4.5 Tavex will as a main rule ship all orders as parcels with personal delivery to the customer and the receiver must sign for the parcel upon receipt.

4.6 All orders are shipped as insured value parcels.

4.7 The indicated shipping costs on Tavex’s website only apply to deliveries within Hungary.

4.8 Deliveries outside of Hungary are to be agreed with specifically with Tavex and can be arranged by contacting Tavex on telephone +36 20 225 1515 or email Regarding deliveries outside Hungary Tavex shall make specific calculations and inform the customer of the exact delivery costs outside Hungary in the offer issued by Tavex. The shippings costs calculated by Tavex for deliveries outside Hungary shall only be applicable to a specific order and are in any case conditional and binding to Tavex only if the full purchase price is paid within the time frame stipulated in 3.1.

4.9 Tavex shall not charge or apply any additional administrative, handling or shipping charges other than the charges indicated on the offer issued by Tavex.

5. Delivery of Goods

5.1 Orders which have been paid and are to be picked up in our shop are only handed over to the individual from whose bank account the payment was transferred. Valid photo ID will be required when collecting the ordered products (please note we do not accept application based picture ID).

5.2 Deliveries of ordered goods to be picked up at the post office are released in accordance with DHL/UPS/Fedex requirements. Please note that Tavex may ask the customer prior the delivery to present a copy of a valid government issued identification document or documentation as to the origin of the funds to ensure Tavex’s customers are not a victims of fraud or to comply with our internal procedures and regulatory requirements.

5.3 When picking up a parcel or receiving a parcel from a courier, the customer is obliged to visually verify whether the packaging of the product is intact and lacks obvious damage. The customer must refuse the receipt of the parcel if there are obvious signs of opening or tampering of the parcel. Please note that the purchased items are securely packed in multiple layers and minor damages (scratches, damaged corners) are normal signs which commonly occur in the transportation process.

5.4 After receipt of the parcel or pickup of products from our store the customer is obliged to verify and check that the type, quality and quantity of the received items correspond to those of listed in the purchase order. In case of any problem or discrepancy, please contact us immediately, but not later than on the day of receipt of the goods. Due to the nature of the trade of precious metal products, such complaints cannot be made after the receipt of the products.

5.5 Tavex is subject to the Money Laundering Act and must carry out sufficient investigations to ensure that we have knowledge of our customers and sufficient documentation as to the origin of the funds. Tavex also wants to avoid that our company and customers become victims of credit card fraud, bank fraud and identity theft etc. Tavex therefore reserves the right to, at any time, request our customers for identification, documentation of the origin or purpose of the funds and to conduct relevant investigations which can ensure that we comply with our internal procedures, and to reject a transaction if Tavex deems that a transaction is not sufficiently disclosed.

6. Cancelling an Order

6.1 Tavex reserves the right to cancel the order if the sale of goods and currencies is made impossible due to exceptional circumstances.

6.2 Possible causes that may lead to the cancellation of an order may be as follows:

  • computer crash or website errors, which interferes with data on product prices and stocks
  • problems with delivery – when the ordered goods do not arrive as scheduled
  • significant deviations (+/- 10%) in the world market price for currencies, gold and silver.

6.3 Upon cancellation of an order Tavex will without undue delay reimburse the customer any amount paid.

6.4 Tavex is not liable for any losses, loss of profit or other similar circumstances which may arise as a result of the cancellation of an order.

7. Withdrawal of an Order

7.1 Purchases conducted via Tavex’s webshop are not subject to right of withdrawal (elállás).

7.2 The price of gold bars and coins are dependent on the fluctuations on the capital and commodities market, and there is therefore no right of withdrawal on purchases from Tavex webshop in accordance with point (1) b) of section 29 of Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.).

7.3 Please note that customers are always able to sell back their purchased gold or silver products back to Tavex at listed buy prices.

8. Warranties

8.1 Tavex provides representations for lack of conformity in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code (kellékszavatosság) and Tavex’ obligations with respect such representations expires within reasonable time from the date when the goods were received by the customer. Reasonable time in the context of these terms and conditions is considered 1 week.

9. Prices

9.1 All prices on Tavex’s website and offers issued by taves are displayed in Hungarian Forints. In the event that the customer wishes to make payment in other currency, please call us +36 20 225 1515 or write us to agree on the exchange rate and any other terms and conditions.

10. Customer Information

10.1 Tavex records customer information in accordance with applicable rules and regulations and will only be used in the event that Tavex needs to contact a customer regarding an order.

10.2 Tavex does not disclose, exchange or provide customer information to third parties, with the exception of the mandatory data forwarding required by the applicable laws and the subcontractors of Tavex, in which latter case only to the extent the performance of the order requires such disclosure. Customer data shall be in any case stored for the purpose of the completion and confirmation of orders and only as long as it is necessary thereto or as the applicable mandatory rules so require. Tavex shall at all times be in compliance with the effective data protection provisions.

11. Miscellaneous Information

11.1 Tavex shall be entitled to amend the present General Terms and Conditions with future effect in compliance with the relevant legislation, such amendment shall be effective as of its availability through Tavex’ webpage. Amendments with retrospective effect are explicitly excluded.

11.2 For the settlement of consumer disputes, the customer is entitled to the arbitration boards operated by the county (Budapest) chambers of industry and commerce. Further information may be found HERE.

11.3 Tavex shall not be obliged to accept any offer and is under no obligation to conclude any agreement. Tavex shall decide upon the acceptance and refusal of offers freely.

11.5 An order placed with presumes that the customer accepts the risks of technology malfunctions. Tavex shall not be held liable for damages arisen from such malfunctions, failures of connection and other force majeure circumstances, which impede e.g. the process of ordering through our website, the confirmation of orders, the e-mail exchange and the payment.


If you have any questions regarding the use of our online store please feel free to call us at call +36 20 225 1515 or send an email to